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December 2017

Features of the Best Water Faucet Filters

faucet filter

A water faucet filter is important for every family. You cannot trust the water that comes from your tap, so you need to look for a way to purify it. A faucet filter is attached to your tap, and it is used to clear impurities from water before you drink it. There are several filters available, and you need to make sure that you get the right one for your home. When it comes to buying a water filter, take time and look at the features that it has. Here are some features that should be a top priority:

Filtering capacity

You need to determine the filtering capacity of the filter that you want to buy. One of the best faucet water filter can go up to 1500 gallons before you need to change the filtering cartridge. For family use, you need one with a big capacity so that you don’t have to change the cartridge all the time. You need to remember the frequency of use in big families is high. For small families or single people, the filtering capacity does not have to be high.

Easy to fix

It is important to buy a water filter that is easy to fix. The last thing you want is to hire a handyman every time that you need to replace a cartridge. Most of the faucet filters are easy to fix, and you only need one tool to do the job. If it is complicated to fix, then you will realize that you end up spending a lot of money and time trying to fix it.

Impurities removal

A good filter should be able to remove as many impurities as possible. Once you buy and fix the filter, you need to be sure that you will receive clean and pure water at all times. Most of the filters can remove chlorine and micro-organisms. However, it is important to look for filters that can be able to remove other impurities like asbestos and pesticides. This will save you the stress of looking for an additional purifier.

water from a faucet filter

Faucet design

You need to check your faucet design before you can buy a water filter. A good filter should be able to fit the faucet that you have in your kitchen. If you have the old faucet design, then you need to be a little careful when choosing a faucet design.…